How Do I Access Cash Rewards?

XinHua has developed an easy way to use or receive the Rewards you earn by helping us expand our brand and generate additional sales.

Once you have qualified for a Cash Reward, it can now be used to buy additional XinHua products or you can actually have the Reward converted to CASH and deposited into your personal bank account.

Please make sure you have entered your personal bank account information and selected your preferences in your XinHua Back Office by logging in @ and clicking on the “Bank” icon.

A couple of quick things to remember:

  1. You will need to accrue and maintain a Minimum Level of at least $100 or the cost of your Autoship order (whichever is higher) in your Cash Rewards account.
  2. We will then automatically deposit the amount over the Minimum Level above into your account. SPECIAL NOTE: Deposit must be at least $25.

That’s all there is to it…SIMPLE! XinHua makes is fun and easy to earn, use, and receive your Rewards.

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