Double Me BABY!!!

Earn DOUBLE the Bundle Bonus when a new personally-referred Brand Partner purchases a Double Me Bundle as their first order!!! Instead of making $60 on each new Double Me Bundle, you will earn a $120 Bundle Bonus!!!

There is no limit on how many new Brand Partner you may refer, but this promotion ends on April 30, 2018, so take action today!!!

Do you want to double the amount of cash we pay you next month??? If so, then check this out…

Personally-refer at least 3 new Brand Partners who purchase a Double Me Bundle as their first order before the end of April 2018. When at least 3 of those new personally-referred Brand Partner’s 200BV Autoship processes in May, we will DOUBLE your entire Rewards for the month of May (up to $1,000)!!!

The additional Rewards will be added to your XinHua Rewards Bank by June 10th. Just one more way XinHua makes earning extra cash, fun and exciting!!!

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